DIY Memories Necklace

If you have some childhood treasures laying round and you don’t know what to do with them. Consider turning your  childhood  ‘jewellery’ into a one of a kind big memories necklace.

It’s super easy! Just take all your bits and bobs that you want to incorporate into the necklace. Choose your favorite parts and start threading the beads. If you don’t know what materials to use, they sell a lot of accessories for making jewellery @Veritas (clasps, special threads, elastics,…).

I’ve made one that is entirely made out of beads but you can make one with just a couple of beads.

Close the thread and you’re done! Now you can start to wear your memories from time to time!

I’ve got pieces of friendship bracelets that I got in high school (still know who gave them to me 🙂 ), beads of some beaten up old necklace that my grandma gave me, letter beads (from a type of necklace that was super popular in the 90’s) that my mom gave me,….

Let me know if you’ll be making one!


IMG_1128 IMG_1125