Jewellery holder dinosaurs


I made some jewellery dishes, trays, holders,… I’m not sure what they’re called but I love them. I got to upcycle old dinosaurs, which actually means I played with the toys for about 5 minutes before even the slightest work got done 🙂 muhaha. Seriously, who doesn’t like dinosaurs???

So this is what I did to my collection of dinosaurs:



TADA my engagement ring 🙂

I gave the last one to my dear friend. She gave a smashing BBBQ (Birthday BBQ) and I thought it was perfect for her!

The other ones are going to be for sale during ‘Ghentmade’. ‘Ghentmade’ is a special event (in Ghent, no shit Sherlock) where you can buy all kinds of handmade treasures: jewellery, clothes, purses, art,…. Curious, go and check out their facebookpage and maybe I’ll see you there! 

Want to know how I made them?

Step 1: essentials

– dinosaurs

– old dishes

– spray paint

– gloves

– glue

Step 2: spray paint the dinosaurs (after playing with them)

Step 3: let the dinosaurs dry and glue them on the dishes

dinosaurus jewellery dish tray



Lovely friends Lovely Upcycled Gifts – Grocery bag container

My significant other and me, we like to invite friends and family for dinners, drinks, BBQ’s, more food, drinks (Muhaha) and most of all some quality time together. We don’t like to admit it but we too are getting older, so in-between work, more work, conferences, more work and household shores there doesn’t seem to be much time left. Going clubbing, partying and pulling an all-nighter with friends, like I used to do when I was younger doesn’t seem to be my cup of tea any more. But now more than ever I realise that friends (and then I mean real friends) don’t come around so often. So you have to take care of the friends you’ve got and love. Without getting to sentimental about the necessity of a good friend, just remember to never take them for granted.

That is why from time to time when we get invited for dinner @friends I like to make them a personal gift. Like I did a while ago for S and T.

S has known my fiancé (yes, I’m getting married next year, really getting serious now hehe) since college. So they go back a long way. T is his girlfriend and she’s super sweet and a really nice person. They recently moved to an other apartment and I wanted to make something usefull. I made a bag to hold all their plastic grocery bags they have laying around the house (In Belgium we still get a lot of plastic grocery bags and especcially when you go shopping for clothes etc.). You put them in on top (there’s an opening) and you simply pull one out when you need one (on the bottom you have an other hole with an elastic).

I had a curtain that I once bought @Spullenhulp for 2,5 euros. And I made 5 (!) bags out of it!

I really hope she likes the gift! But she said she did like over 4 times so I guess she liked it 🙂

Et voila, some pictures. Sorry, they suck I know. They aren’t the best I’ve ever made but I had to hurry cause the bag was finished just in time.

Would you use this? Let me know and maybe I’ll make one for you!




Furry PomPom Hair Accessory


I’ve recently found a nice diy-upcycling-project on Pinterest: upcycled fur pompoms. As you have read in a recent post, I am obsessed by Pinterest and spend way to many time surfing and exploring all the images and ideas that seam to be endlessly available on this platform. BUT in my defense, you can find sooooooo much cool things on there 🙂

Just like this fur pompom idea. I know, for some of you using fur equals supporting the fur industry and by doing so maybe support cruelty to animals. But the fur I use or wear will never be new. I always use fake fur or vintage fur. And the cruel production of new fur has to stop, let me be clear.
So what do you need to make this nice winter accessory?

– scissors

– leather needle

– filling

– strong sewing thread

– hair elastic

– (fake) fur. I used an old fur coat that was ripped and can now be upcycled

DSC_0182STEP 1: Cut out a circleDSC_0188STEP 2: With needle and thread sew round the circle and thighten the circle to create a pompomDSC_0193 DSC_0194STEP 3: make sure to fill the pompom and sew it all togetherDSC_0198Step 4: now, sew the pompom to the elastic. READYYYYDSC_0200