Swapping Week

If there is something I like even more than creating and sewing it has to be going through wardrobes filled with clothes and shoes. Most of the time the victims are my friends and family. This obsession started when I was very young (like aaaaaages ago, cause now I’m getting soooo old LOL) when I was exploring the interesting world of fashion. I used to put on all the shoes and clothes my mom had (like I expect lots of you did too πŸ™‚ ). When I grew up I occasionally inherited clothes from my mom and even now I still wear some stuff I inherited from my significant other-grandmother (haha try saying that 10 times in a row).

So, if you combine this rather strange addiction with an exploding wardrobe and items I haven’t worn in ages or that didn’t fit properly, you can only imagine I said (maybe a little to excited) YES right away when my friend Sara asked me if I wanted to go to a swapping event in Ghent @Charlatan.

Swapping? come again? basically swapping clothes for other clothes or shoes or accessories. How it works and what you can expect when you go to such a swapping event? I DUNNO but I’ll tell you all about it πŸ˜‰ cause tonight is the night for some major swapping. I’ll try to make some pictures of all the (I expect) lovely fashion and people and post them on my Instagram account.

Wanna join us? Check out the facebook event page and let me know!

Here are some of my swapping goods:

– 2 skirts, Terre Bleu and Talking French

– 2 blazers Zara and United Colors of Benetton

– a pair of cool Zara heels


If you want to swap them, you know where to find me πŸ™‚


Big Upcycled DIY Bag

I finally finished one of my upcycling projects: From skirt to Big Bag.Β  For this project I used a skirt that I found at a shop in Ghent: Think Twice Nederkouter (check out their Facebook page, you’ll love it!). Every month they do what they call 4-3-2-1 euro sales.Β  Basically everything in the shop is super cheap during sales days! I bought a skirt for 1 euro (say whaaaat) because I loved the fabric and immediately thought it would come in handy for an upcycling project.Β  I also bought a different skirt (1 euro) that had a lot of buckles that I could use for finishing my new bag.

Finished result:

I put in a big zipper, an extra pocket on the back and two extra pockets on the inside with a zipper. The lining is made out of some scraps I had lying around that used to be the lining of a jacket. It’s made the bag a little bit thicker and protects the stuff I put in it. By closing or opening the buckles on the side I can adjust the size and make the bag bigger if necessary.

In the background you can see my new vintage Singer sewing machine! Isn’t she lovely πŸ˜‰

Upcycled Baby Gifts

Baby’s, I like them a lot. Really I do. I like how they smile and laugh. I like how they look at me because I have a symmetrical face. I like them because most of the time they have really chubby cheeks :). One day I’ll feel the urge to make one, but until then I’ll just make gifts for all of my friends who have baby’s πŸ™‚

Like recently, I made a dinosaur from some fabric scraps I had laying around.

I found this idea on Pinterest and really wanted to try it!

So here is the result:

I hope mum, dad and little baby boy think it is nice. I made it with love πŸ™‚

And for the second DIY project: I made a gift for twins (oh jeah 2 little wonders), I made DIY Upcycled Burp Cloths. Because baby’s make a mess of things sometimes!

Still have to give it to the mummy of twins, so spoiler alert πŸ™‚

CU soon!

Christmas DIY ideas and my selection of ugly Christmas sweaters

Long time, no see! I know I’m a lousy blogger, ain’t I πŸ˜‰
I have been super busy trying to get my house a little less ‘wow-a-bomb-just-exploded-here’ and more ‘OK-people-live-here-and-the-mess-makes-it-rather-cosy’. But to be honest, I failed the moment I started opening up some boxes stuffed with Christmas decorations :p . See, I kind of get carried away when decorating for Christmas. I even bought my significant other some Christmas suspenders in the local thrift shop. But he refuses to wear them 😦 . Definitely need to convince him, cause they are ΓΌberfancyschmancy. I’ll try to post a picture of him wearing them πŸ™‚ . You might have guessed but I am so in to Christmas that I even have my very own selection of ugly Christmass Sweaters. (well that’s debatable you know, I think they are cute) I found them in vintage shops and charity shops in London:



The last one almost makes me feel like a Christmas present. Do you guys have Christmas Sweaters? Let me know and send my a picture πŸ™‚

Following days will be filled with even more decorating :).Β  I’ve looked up some nice ideas on Pinterest to upcycling red flannel shirts I have lying around.Β  I think I will try to make the table decorations here below.Β  LOVE LOVE LOVE the other ideas, the candles look super easy to make (with some mason jars) but look so great!

I’ll show you the results soon…


credits: all links available on PINTEREST

3 Day Trip to Paris

DSC_0076 DSC_0081 DSC_0169 DSC_0154 DSC_0105DSC_0135 DSC_0129 DSC_0073 DSC_0080PARIS…

A few days ago I took the Thalys in Brussels and headed off to Paris. A friend I hadn’t seen for ages ( I met her during my Erasmus @ Lille) now lives there, so I couldn’t wait to visit her! And lucky me, I also got to see Charlotte. Who lived and worked in Paris for the last 3 months, how cool is that.

SO Paris, is there a city more romantic πŸ™‚ ?Β  I adore the architecture, the small coffees I can enjoy while watching stylish people passing by, the Eiffel Tower… and ‘les friperies’. Because when I’m in Paris = I have to do some shopping :). As you might know Paris has a lot of cool vintage shops! Some are rather expensive, others are cheap. Check out this map I found when doing some research on where to shop in Paris or this map by Charlotte.

I didn’t have so much shopping time, as I was mostly there to visit my friends. But still managed to visit 3 shops in the price range I was looking for.

1. Kilo-shop in Le Marais:

You actually pay your clothes by weighing them (how cool is that). I liked the store but it was CROWDEDDDD jeeezzz. So I didn’t spend so much time in this shop and sadly didn’t buy anything. I visited this shop with lovely Charlotte and some other friends of her. One friend found a very nice sweater for about 15 euros. Which I though was quiet expensive but overall: nice shop, lot of people, try going there on a workday.

2. Free’ p’starfreepstar1

This one I went to on my own. I liked their selection. It was also crowded but seeing it was a Monday, I could move around easily. Tried out a lot of dresses (OEPS didn’t take any pictures 😦 ) but didn’t buy them.

3. Guerrisol:

Otherwise know as the least expensive shops of them all! Prices ranges from 3 to 25 euros. But you have to look carefully. And go through piles and piles of clothes… I found a nice cardigan and top for: 6 euros. So if you have the time and you can handle some strange smelling clothes from time to time than be sure to visit one of there main shops.

Can’t wait to go back to Paris! But maybe this time I will convince my significant other to go with me and have a nice romantic weekend together in the city of love…


When I got back after 3 days, my little ‘Fluffy’ (cat number 1) and ‘Sisken’ (cat number 2, here below) clearly showed my that I had been gone way to long :p …..

See you soon!