Jewellery holder dinosaurs


I made some jewellery dishes, trays, holders,… I’m not sure what they’re called but I love them. I got to upcycle old dinosaurs, which actually means I played with the toys for about 5 minutes before even the slightest work got done 🙂 muhaha. Seriously, who doesn’t like dinosaurs???

So this is what I did to my collection of dinosaurs:



TADA my engagement ring 🙂

I gave the last one to my dear friend. She gave a smashing BBBQ (Birthday BBQ) and I thought it was perfect for her!

The other ones are going to be for sale during ‘Ghentmade’. ‘Ghentmade’ is a special event (in Ghent, no shit Sherlock) where you can buy all kinds of handmade treasures: jewellery, clothes, purses, art,…. Curious, go and check out their facebookpage and maybe I’ll see you there! 

Want to know how I made them?

Step 1: essentials

– dinosaurs

– old dishes

– spray paint

– gloves

– glue

Step 2: spray paint the dinosaurs (after playing with them)

Step 3: let the dinosaurs dry and glue them on the dishes

dinosaurus jewellery dish tray


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