Swapping Week

If there is something I like even more than creating and sewing it has to be going through wardrobes filled with clothes and shoes. Most of the time the victims are my friends and family. This obsession started when I was very young (like aaaaaages ago, cause now I’m getting soooo old LOL) when I was exploring the interesting world of fashion. I used to put on all the shoes and clothes my mom had (like I expect lots of you did too 🙂 ). When I grew up I occasionally inherited clothes from my mom and even now I still wear some stuff I inherited from my significant other-grandmother (haha try saying that 10 times in a row).

So, if you combine this rather strange addiction with an exploding wardrobe and items I haven’t worn in ages or that didn’t fit properly, you can only imagine I said (maybe a little to excited) YES right away when my friend Sara asked me if I wanted to go to a swapping event in Ghent @Charlatan.

Swapping? come again? basically swapping clothes for other clothes or shoes or accessories. How it works and what you can expect when you go to such a swapping event? I DUNNO but I’ll tell you all about it 😉 cause tonight is the night for some major swapping. I’ll try to make some pictures of all the (I expect) lovely fashion and people and post them on my Instagram account.

Wanna join us? Check out the facebook event page and let me know!

Here are some of my swapping goods:

– 2 skirts, Terre Bleu and Talking French

– 2 blazers Zara and United Colors of Benetton

– a pair of cool Zara heels


If you want to swap them, you know where to find me 🙂

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