Big Upcycled DIY Bag

I finally finished one of my upcycling projects: From skirt to Big Bag.  For this project I used a skirt that I found at a shop in Ghent: Think Twice Nederkouter (check out their Facebook page, you’ll love it!). Every month they do what they call 4-3-2-1 euro sales.  Basically everything in the shop is super cheap during sales days! I bought a skirt for 1 euro (say whaaaat) because I loved the fabric and immediately thought it would come in handy for an upcycling project.  I also bought a different skirt (1 euro) that had a lot of buckles that I could use for finishing my new bag.

Finished result:

I put in a big zipper, an extra pocket on the back and two extra pockets on the inside with a zipper. The lining is made out of some scraps I had lying around that used to be the lining of a jacket. It’s made the bag a little bit thicker and protects the stuff I put in it. By closing or opening the buckles on the side I can adjust the size and make the bag bigger if necessary.

In the background you can see my new vintage Singer sewing machine! Isn’t she lovely 😉

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  1. liliandruve

     /  March 7, 2014


  2. Waouuuuuh ! Ik vind het suuuper schoon ! Ik ben zelf naaien aan het leren maar ik vind het wel moeilijk… Ik wil zoiets kunnen maken 😀

  3. 🙂 thanks Lilikus! En het is bijna allemaal gemaakt van T2 kledij! Ik ben zelf ook nog maar een paar maanden bezig en heb lessen gevolgd. Je kan eventueel een goed handboek kopen: singer naaiboek, knipmode handboek, burda,… Dat helpt ook heel veel!
    Veel succes! Will follow your blog closely 🙂


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