Christmas DIY ideas and my selection of ugly Christmas sweaters

Long time, no see! I know I’m a lousy blogger, ain’t I 😉
I have been super busy trying to get my house a little less ‘wow-a-bomb-just-exploded-here’ and more ‘OK-people-live-here-and-the-mess-makes-it-rather-cosy’. But to be honest, I failed the moment I started opening up some boxes stuffed with Christmas decorations :p . See, I kind of get carried away when decorating for Christmas. I even bought my significant other some Christmas suspenders in the local thrift shop. But he refuses to wear them 😦 . Definitely need to convince him, cause they are überfancyschmancy. I’ll try to post a picture of him wearing them 🙂 . You might have guessed but I am so in to Christmas that I even have my very own selection of ugly Christmass Sweaters. (well that’s debatable you know, I think they are cute) I found them in vintage shops and charity shops in London:



The last one almost makes me feel like a Christmas present. Do you guys have Christmas Sweaters? Let me know and send my a picture 🙂

Following days will be filled with even more decorating :).  I’ve looked up some nice ideas on Pinterest to upcycling red flannel shirts I have lying around.  I think I will try to make the table decorations here below.  LOVE LOVE LOVE the other ideas, the candles look super easy to make (with some mason jars) but look so great!

I’ll show you the results soon…


credits: all links available on PINTEREST

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  1. These are some great ugly Christmas sweaters. I love the first one.

  2. Such a classic look! Loveeee!!!!


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