Birthday present for my mom

Since september I’ve been taking sewing classes. I bought my sewing machine when I was 12 but didn’t really knew if I was doing it right. I didn’t have a relative to explain me how it worked or who showed me what to do. I’m really pleased I took the decision to take these classes cause it has helped me a lot! And the teacher is so nice! She is the most patient person I know, for sure. I know I would flip out if I had to teach 15 women how to sew :).

For my first assignment I had to make a toiletry bag. Now, I knew, by seeing the pattern, I would not use the bag. I like little bags to have a zipper otherwise my stuff keeps falling out when I put it in my purse. Sadly, we couldn’t decide which shape or closure the bag would have. But in the future I will definitely try this again and maybe rework the pattern a little bit.

For the fabric I took an old shirt and skirt from my fabric boxes I knew my mom would like. I gave it to her as a birthday present and I think she likes her new toiletry bag…

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CU soon

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  1. How nice to give a handmade gift! Very personal, sure she loved it!


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