My first étagère


A while ago I made my first étagère. A friend of mine showed me this cool picture on Pinterest . Few days later I discovered a similar étagère on a blog I have been following for ages.

Then I forgot about it, short attention span alert! That happens alllll the time. I see something I like, have the urge to make it and then PHOUFFFF forget about it because I see something else that catches my attention. Anyhow, enough psychological insight into my weird brain.

When I saw an episode of one of my favorite TV-shows of the moment “ROK EN ROL” in which Karolien explained how to make this étagère, I remembered this project and the urge got to strong :).

So when I had to get a friend of mine a present I knew the moment had come to get my creative skills flowing. I am pleased to say she actually likes my present. 🙂

I got all my necessary plates, saucers and little bowl at spullenhulp Brussels.  I like buying @Spullenhulp, as all of the profit they make is used in the battle against poverty and social exclusion in Belgium.

What do you think? Like it? Or would you make something completely different? Let me know!

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  1. I did and do like it a lot! Thanks again 🙂


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